Occasionally it may seem like there's missing data in the report for your account. There are a few reasons why this could be the case:

The selected profile was recently added

Although we populate the report immediately after adding the profile, it may look like there nothing there. When you add a profile for the first time, it will have one single datapoint, being the data we collected right after adding it. This can be seen on the charts like this: 

The only scenario where there will be historical data (as Instagram doesn't allow that to be captured), is if another user in the system is already tracking that account.

You are trying to view a date range from before the account was added to Viral Insight

As we rely on our users actively tracking an account, it is possible there is no data for your selected date range. 

The profile is no longer available for data collection

Whenever a profile went private, is in locked modus (e.g. phone verification) or Instagram is having issues we are unable to collect data. Such behavior might show gaps in the collected data on the charts and tables.